An Interview With: Ben Read

Suffolk is renowned for a few things. Tractors, farms, cider and countryside. What it isn’t renowned for however is tech house.  21 year old producer and DJ, Ben Read,  wants to change that though.

Born and raised in the picturesque county, Ben has been making phenomenal movements within the house scene over the last three years. Currently studying at Bournemouth University, the tech house DJ has had plenty of practice playing to thousands on the south coast.


With regular residencies at WAYF (We Are Your Friends) and Mumble Sound, Ben has steadily been building his name within the Bournemouth scene.  Previously playing at the likes of Halo, Bournemouth Summer Ball and The Block Party, this 21 year old producer know’s a thing or two about music.

Having secured releases on Tartan Records and Spira Music, we sat down and had a chat with Ben about how he describes his sound and his biggest sets so far. Listen to the interview or read it below.

What’s been the high point in your career so far?

I’d definitely have to say playing Bournemouth’s Summer Ball, last summer in the WAYF (We Are Your Friends) tent. It was myself, then Ten Story then Julio Bashmore. It was an amazing experience for me because I’d never played on a stage that big. I’d played in clubs where it had been packed out, but never in a tent in a festival setting. It was an amazing day. Definitely the high point so far!

If you could only do one for the rest of your life, DJ’ing or Producing?

That’s an extremely tough question Con. Ahhh, I think it would have to be DJ’ing for me because I started off as a DJ. It was always DJ’ing before producing for myself. There’s something about DJ’ing that I absolutely love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m leaning more towards producing recently, but if I had to pick one, it would be DJ’ing.

What is one sub genre that you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

Stuff like minimal techno. Some of it’s awesome. Lot’s of it is big within it’s own market. But I think sometimes it’s sad to see stuff that isn’t actually that good, get played a lot.  Especially when you have minimal techno and deep, dark underground stuff that isn’t getting a look in. You have those 4×4 repeat tracks. Material that isn’t actually that good getting played a lot.

A lot of DJ’s have had famous blunders whilst playing, what’s been the worst thing that’s happened to you whilst DJ’ing?

I’d had a bit too much to drink at WAYF and I stopped the wrong deck. I was closing as well so it was a bit of an awkward moment, but hey ho. Shit happens. I sort of apologised and got on with it really. That’s gotta be the worst, it couldn’t really get much worse than that could it?

Sum up your personal sound in three words?


In your ideal world you can do a b2b with any artist, who is that artist?

Oh my god, there’s so many that I could choose from. It would have to be Dale Howard. Solely because he’s been a big influence on my sound and I love him as an artist. He’s wicked and he’s got a lot more recognition recently which is brilliant. He’s just had an EP come out on the Viva label. I’ve seen him play a couple of times now and he’s blown my mind every time.

But, if I could choose just one more. Purely for the fun aspect. It would have to be Skream wouldn’t it! I’d love to play b2b with Skream.


What’s one track that never gets old no matter how many times you play / hear it?

Again there’s loads. There’s stuff that I’ve hammered for a while now and stuff that I always pull out in my sets. I think some of Dale Howard’s stuff could be in there. Actually, I tell you what. Every time I’ve heard Gotta Let You Go, the Bicep remix, it’s gone off!

(The Bicep remix hasn’t been officially released yet, so here’s the original edit)

On the flip side, what’s one popular track that you can’t stand?

I don’t want to be too harsh when answering this one, but it’s that Riton – Rinse & Repeat. I’ve heard a few remixes which are quite good. But the actual tune is quite over played at the moment I think. I’m not really feeling the vocal in it. No disrespect to him though, because he’s smashed it.

One final question to put you on the spot, what is Ben Read’s classic rider?

Sour skittles and as much alcohol as I can get my hands on usually! I haven’t had the privilege of demanding too much stuff yet, but we’ll see.


If you want to keep up to date with all of Ben’s releases or want to check where you can catch him playing, follow his social media!

Facebook: Ben Read 

Twitter: BenRead08


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