An Interview With: Black Girl / White Girl & Red Giant EP

One of the freshest techno duo’s to come out of Europe, Black Girl / White Girl are an Amsterdam based production pair, set to imminently explode onto the electronic music scene. The girls, Karin & Ty, meticulously channel the sounds of bumpy house, tech-house and techno into one of the grooviest, most exciting forms of sound and production.

The duo’s current position is the culmination of two years spent experimenting with different styles, sounds, genres and techniques. Having received support from everyone from Mixmag to Thump and from Radar Radio to Rinse FM, the girls are not someone to be taken lightly.

Their Red Giant EP was released on April 3rd on the New Violence Records label, a cutting edge house and techno outlet with an accolade of artists stretching across the four corners of the globe. Our personal favourite from the new EP is ‘Red Giant’ which combines a relentless bassline, practically begging to test the limit of any club sound system, combined with a riveting selection of acidic mid ranges to pump energy into the room.

Make up your own mind which one tops your list by having a listen to entire EP and having a read through our interview with the Amsterdam duo.

Who were your early influences back in the day that helped curate your sound?

When we started out we were really into Worthy, Huxley, Catz n Dogz, Shadow Child, Kill Frenzy, Justin Martin, Dusky etc. But further along the way we dove deeper into older house and techno music which enabled us to expand our palette a whole lot more.

What’s one track that never gets old no matter how many times you play / hear it?

Frankie Knuckles – Your Love.

If you could only do one for the rest of your life, DJ’ing or producing, which would it be and why?

We really enjoy making tracks and then playing them out to our crowds! You know, it’s a totally different world, you just sitting there in your dark little room noodling on these bits. But then you go out and get a chance to play ‘em out and when the crowd goes wild, it just gives you life! And to see your music do well outside of your own sets is just as good. For example, we just got our first BBC Radio 1 play and it just feels fantastic to have your own music that you made get validated in that way. Couldn’t live without either to be quite honest!

What’s your favourite film surrounding music?

Party Monster.

A lot of DJ’s have had famous blunders whilst playing, what’s been the worst thing that’s happened to you whilst DJ’ing?

Probably playing the same track twice!

Sum up your personal sound in three words?

Intergalactic Tech Bombs.

You’ve been given the opportunity to create the soundtrack to a blockbuster film or a video game, which film/game would you pick?

The Addams Family or Home Alone! For games, definitely GTA or FIFA!

How would you describe the Amsterdam music scene?

Not much for us here to be honest. It seems the UK is really digging our style and it definitely feels more like our spiritual and musical home.

You can do a b2b with anyone. Who do you choose and which club do you play in?

Black Girl / White Girl B2B The Martinez Brothers, in DC10. That would definitely get messy!


What was your first ever experience of club culture?

K: Exactly 12 years ago I went to Layo & Bushwacka in Tel Aviv. It was an after party in the Haoman 17. They were playing really cool and diverse tunes, absolutely mint, I loved it.

T: Think I was going out raving in Amsterdam at the RAUW parties! I had some great times raving to the Ed Banger stuff, Bromance, but also Melt! festival, Lowlands festival etc.

What’s one track that can save the dancefloor at any moment?

Depends on the set of course, but one that’s been huge for us is the John Made remix of Cajmere’s ‘Brighter Days’. Think it was released back in 2011 but it still burns up the dance floor like crazy every time!

If you’re a fan of the girls latest EP, be sure to check out their earlier productions and stay up to date with their social networks to find out when they’re playing at a club near you:

Facebook: Black Girl / White Girl

Twitter: @officialbgwg

Soundcloud: officialbgwg

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