An Interview With: Culture Records

New kid on the block, Culture Records, believe that the music scene is more than just a passion, it’s a way of life, it’s a culture.

Their concept is simple, to unite up-and-coming producers within the house and techno scene and work together to bring out the best music they can channel. Based in Manchester, Culture Records is the brain child of Andrew Goddard, a house producer who has had several releases on Cheap Thrills, 3000 Bass and Spira Music. Working alongside artists such as Ben Read, Ollie James and Armistice, Andrew’s label has gone from strength to strength and in 2017, Culture Records will be having a very exciting impact nationwide.

We caught up with Andrew and discovered what goes into starting up a label from a grass roots level and how to catch the attention of label managers. 

What’s the origins behind Culture Records?

I decided to launch Culture Records after meeting more and more fellow producers online and getting to know them on a personal level. After a while it started to feel like we had a little family vibe going, however, that family didn’t have a HQ. That’s why I felt Culture would work, bringing together up-and-coming producers and do my absolute best to help them break through the scene. We have similar interests and we all live the same ‘culture.’

What other record labels would you compare Culture Records to?

We wouldn’t compare ourselves to any other labels because we are our own. We aspire to be successful and deliver great music to be enjoyed by people within the scene. We have yet to embark on our full journey and the excitement of stepping into the unknown is electrifying.

Tell me about some of the signings you’ve had to the label so far?

The beginning for Culture will be a three track EP from up-and-coming producer Ben Read. We then have material from Ollie James (MadTech) and GODDARD who have been closely working together these past few weeks to deliver remixes and original material preceding Ben’s ‘Vibing’ EP.

Another artist who will be added to our roster is Ross ‘ARMISTICE’ Quinn. Although a solo act, himself and GODDARD have also been working closely in the studio and have already finished their debut EP with many more expected to follow.

GODDARD: “I do enjoy getting into the studio with Ross, he’s a wizard on the keyboard so once I get those drums down and we start playing around with basslines, its always a compelling moment for us both. We are planning on doing more work together which I know were both eager to get underway, with Ross moving back up to Leeds from London and myself having already moved from London to Manchester it means that we will have much more time to get in the studio together and start pushing forward and try and breakthrough in 2017.

ARMISTICE: “Working with Goddard doesn’t seem like work to me. We are mates that both like the same music and both get a kick out of producing. We’ve had many studio sessions in London and Manchester, both bringing something different to the studio each time. I have more of a background in playing music live on various instruments and Goddard has an incredible background on the technical side of things, when we come together the music speaks for itself.

2017 is looking exciting, both doing our own thing but also incredibly excited to see what our collab brings, it’s certain that it’s the start of many more studio sessions, releases and B2B sets across the UK.”

If you could sign any two artists to the label, who would they be and why?

It wouldn’t matter who their names are, the only thing I would ask if that they be 100% committed like we are. At the end of the day we all want to hear good music from passionate people.

What do you look for in a demo that’s sent to the label?

We don’t want to be perceived to be picky but producers (listen closely) who send through demos without even a brief description about who you are and what you’re sending isn’t the way we expect demos to be sent. Just a little description goes a long way guys, all we want to know is a little something about you and your music.

So if you are interested in sending demo’s through, send them across to

Your label can set up a night for the re opening of Fabric and money is no question, who do you have on the line up?

Phworrrrrr, I don’t think you have enough space for this one! At this moment and time we would go for this lineup (I’m not going to put my name in there because that’s no fun).

Room 1:




Room 2:




What role do social networks play in the promotion for Culture Records?

Social networks play a crucial part in any promotional material today, we use:

Twitter: @records_culture

Facebook: CultureRecordsUK

Instagram: @goddard_dj_culture

Soundcloud: @culturerecordsuk

You can only put your tracks on one music hosting website (iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, Spotify, Soundcloud, Beatport etc) which one do you host it on and why?

We’ve carried out primary research in this topic and we look to use Beatport for exclusivity to release our material on.

Any upcoming releases for Culture Records?

Our debut release will be coming from Ben Read and his ‘Vibing’ EP, we’re looking to bring this out around March 2017. Following on from that will be another EP from Ollie James and then finally one from GODDARD who hails from the bass scene but has made his transition in the tech scene rendering in a cohesive hybrid sound which we are very excited to share.

As you can see, the beginning of 2017 marks the release of a whole spectrum of exciting new EP’s and singles for Culture Records. The label continually draws in new producers and listeners, so it’s only a matter of time before you see a Culture Records event at a club near you. Watch this space.

If you’re interested in the kind of sound Ben Read creates, why not check out our interview with him here.

If you’re feeling the bass heavy sound that GODDARD is recognised for, why not check out his ‘High Music’ EP here.

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