An Interview With: Mikey B

As 2017 rolls around, you might be wondering what it has in store? Will Fabric return to dominate UK nightlife? Will Pioneer bring out a new mixer to dominate sound booth’s up and down the country? Will Simon Cowell finally give up with X Factor? Maybe most importantly of all, will DJ Hazard finally bring out a new EP to decimate the D&B scene once again? We’re not sure about these predictions, but what we do know is that 2017 is going to be a very important year for one particular producer. 

Mikey B.

Part owner at Second To None Music and one half of B Squared, Mikey B is a bassline baron. The Leeds based producer has created a back catalogue of music across the last four years that would blow your window frames off the back wall. Michael Buccilli, aka Mikey B, has gone through a whole host of genres across his producing history to curate a sound that leaves club sound systems in pieces.

From playing at Boomtown to releasing his ‘Endlessly EP’ at the back-end of 2016, Mikey is certainly someone who doesn’t slow down. So, we caught up with him to check out what 2017 holds.

It might be the beginning of 2017, but what’s one thing you would have liked to have

achieved by the end of the year?

2016 was hectic man, I’ve played more shows and met more people than I ever had before! So, a massive shout out to anyone that has booked or connected with me. I really feel last year was a stepping stone for this year.

I’m currently working towards an album to be released on my family label, Second To None Music #STNM, and plan for it to come out around summer. This might be a bit ambitious so, if the date changes, I’m sorry people! This is one thing I’m passionate about achieving by the end of 2017.

Mikey B & So Solid Crew

If you could collaborate with any artist this year Mikey, who would that artist be and why?

There are so many good producers and MC’s now, I’m spoilt for choice on who I could say. I’ve got something in the works with Taiki Nulight that should hopefully be released at the start of this year. I’m also a sucker for a good female singer. It’s a bit ambitious, but I love the sound of Dua Lipas voice. MC wise, I’d love to make a track with Killa P, his flow is just on point. Producer wise it would have to be My Nu Leng.

What’s one event that you’re absolutely ecstatic to play that you have coming up?

I’m gassed for Boomtown & Balter festival this year man. Last year Boomtown was sick, big shout out to ’24 Garage girls’ and the full car rinse out!  Also the ‘In The Face’ gang for getting me in the Job Centre stage! Made some good connections and memories there. One memory is myself, Forca & Deadbeat at the back of the Job Centre stage making a beat out of a fax machine, a telephone and a rubber duck!

Second To None Music crew at Boomtown 2016

What kind of sound do you think will blow everyone out of the water this year ?

Bassline/UKG is coming back, but with a well produced sound. It doesn’t seem to have the stigma it used to with regards to violence and mad people. The crowd just want to have a good time and meet like-minded lengers. There’s a massive following. It’s more acceptable now than it once was and a lot of DJ’s are helping push the sound. If you’re one of them, big up!

What do you think the biggest track of 2016 was?

Chris Lorenzo – Foot & Mouth

For me this was a game changing track. It keeps a slower type of bass house style with faster bassline elements. Merging two genres making it acceptable to be played in both categories. 

Deadbeat ft Forca – Certain Beat

I think I’ve nearly played this in every set in 2016, big reactions from the crowd every time this one gets dropped!

Mikey B & Deadbeat

If you could play one festival this summer, what one would take your fancy?

Luckily enough I should be playing at one of the ones I wanted to, Boomtown. Last year was mad! The level of production they go with decorations and stages is just insane! Having the opportunity to play at anything like that is just a blessing in itself.

I also really like the idea of Outlook in Croatia though. Sun, sea and music. What else do you want in life!?

If you could create the soundtrack to one upcoming film this year, what would it be and why?

Hmm this is tough. I’d go with Ghost In The Shell, just because I like sci-fi’s & conspiracies. I love the futuristic vibe, and that’s enough to paint a picture in my head to create some bass!

Name one artist that inspires you to keep doing what you’re doing?

There’s a few that inspire me to work hard and keep focused I can’t name just one… Chris Lorenzo, My Nu Leng, Taiki Nulight, Bassboy, Flava D, Joyryde, Lowsteppa and Preditah.

Anything else upcoming this year?

I’m just trying to push the brand ‘Mikey B’ as much as I can and connect with as many people as possible. Im working on my album at the moment to be hopefully available before the end of 2017.I want it to be a good variation of bass oriented music. So until I’m happy with it, it wont be seeing the light of day! If any one would like to book me for 2017 its Big ups!

Be sure to check out Mikey B’s Soundcloud for all his latest releases and his Facebook page to stay up to date with his latest events:

Soundcloud: Mikey B (UK)

Facebook: Mikey B

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