An Interview With: Øbskure

Techno is all around us. From the streets of Detroit, to the warehouses of Berlin, Techno engulfs concrete floors and stacked sound-systems. Whether it’s harsh, industrial kicks or reverb infused drum patterns, the four to the floor sound has grown and grown over the last 25 years. 

Down on the south coast, one label is pioneering the popularity. Øbskure is a label that knows a thing or two about techno. Co-owned by Iraj Massoumian-Montaño, otherwise known as Masso, Øbskure is a brand that represents the darker side of sound.  We discussed what we can expect to see from the south coast’s most exciting new label.

What’s are the origins of  Øbskure?

The reason Øbskure began was because we wanted to showcase raw techno talent and wanted a platform for up-and-coming producers or even veterans to release their work on. 

What other record labels would you compare Øbskure to?

It’s hard to compare as it’s still early days for us, but there are many labels we listen to, look up to and admire. What’s amazing is, each label has their own unique sound. That’s what we’re aiming for, to create our own sound.

Øbskure Records 001 – Process 404

Tell me about some of the signings you’ve had to the label so far?

So far we’ve had Process 404 and Animal Holocaust sign EP’s to us.

We’ve also had some of techno’s finest feature in our ØbskureCast series on Soundcloud. We’ve had such talented DJ’s/producers take part already from all over Europe.

ØbskureCast 001 features French techno DJ and producer [ wex 10 ]

ØbskureCast 002 features English techno DJ and producer Reckless Device 

ØbskureCast 003 features German techno DJ and producer Axoon.

ØbskureCast 004 features Italian techno DJ and producer Lowerzone

ØbskureCast 005 will feature myself.

So far on our Soundcloud we’re on ØbskureCast 003. So that list is a sneak peek of who’s to come in the future.

If you could sign any two artists to the label, who would they be and why?

This is such a tough question. It would have to be Drumcell and Simo Lorenz, amazing producers but incredible DJ’s as well!

What do you look for in a demo that’s sent to the label?

The structure, the atmosphere and the vibe it creates.

Your label can set up a night for the reopening of Fabric and money is no question, who do you have on the line up?

Again another tough one! In no particular order:

1. DVS1

2. Drumcell

3. Truncate

4. Simo Lorenz

5. Oscar Mulero

6. Exium

7. Len Faki

8. Tensal

9. Christian Wunsch

10. Rebekah

(Wish we could add more)

What role do social networks play in the promotion for Øbskure?

Social media platforms are great help, It’s definitely helped push our podcasts and inform people about the label and brand.

You can only put your tracks on one music hosting website (iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, Spotify, Soundcloud, Beatport etc) which one do you host it on and why?

Beatport for sure, who doesn’t use Beatport?!

Any upcoming releases for Øbskure?

1st February: Process 404 – Complex Connection EP

1st March: Animal Holocaust – Otto’s night out/Journey around eternity EP 

And a few EP’s from my self (Masso) but dates still to be decided.

Be sure to check out Øbskure’s platforms to keep up to date with the latest worldwide techno. 

Facebook: Øbskure’s

Twitter: https: Obskure_

Soundcloud: Obskure Records

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