An Interview With: Skepsis


2016 really seems to be the year for UK bass. A genre that was once bubbling along the underground has exploded across the internet and enveloped dance floors across up and down the country. Fitting hand in hand with UK garage and bassline, UK bass has brought forward some incredible talent.

Such talent can be depicted with none other than South London’s Skepsis. The 21 year old producer and DJ has been decimating festival tents and club sound systems alike and has produced some of the most raw and bass heavy tracks in recent months.


With support from the likes of My Nu Leng and Marcus Nasty and with releases on Four 40 Records and Project Allout, Skepsis will certainly be coming to a festival or club near you.

This is why we decided to catch up with him whilst we got the chance. Check out the interview below.

When did you start DJing and what or who were your early passions and influences?

I started DJ’ing and producing at roughly the same time, age 15 or ‘Year 10’ in school. There was a lunchtime DJ workshop being offered, so having discovered the world of dance music a couple years before, me and my friend decided to check it out. From there, we became tight with the teacher and it just ended up being one-to-one lessons with him! Shortly after that I started saving and ended up buying my first setup of Pioneer CDJ 350’s, which I still have to this day.

What has been the high point so far in your career, what really sticks out to you?

I couldn’t name a single event, but recently signing to my first official booking agency and manager was pretty special for me, considering i’ve only been seriously producing for around a year and a half now. In general, every show for me is a high point. I’m just grateful to be doing what I love in front of people.


If you had to choose between DJ’ing or producing, which one and why?

I find DJ’ing to be much more enjoyable – production is so stressful! Although there’s no doubt production is more rewarding, plus I wouldn’t be playing most of my gigs if it wasn’t for all the hours spent on my laptop. They go hand in hand really.

How do you normally go about preparing a set? What influences the track listing?

I used to prepare an actual track list for each set I would try and stick to, but nowadays I usually just have a rough idea of what I want to play, and combine it with reading the crowd to decide on tunes. Although saying that, I usually open with the same couple of songs/edits just because they fit together so well and i’ve learned the best ways to mix them.

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a producer?

Work rate! Balancing music and university (I go to Kent) is potentially the toughest task of them all; I see producers around me releasing 2/3 tracks a week, and start to worry about my own output. Although essentially if people dig your stuff enough, they will always wait for it.


The worst thing that has happened to you whilst producing / DJ’ing so far?

I was actually thinking today, I’ve been quite lucky with DJ’ing so far, and haven’t really had any last minute cancelled shows/massive nightmares etc. Although now i’ve said that i’m sure i’ve jinxed myself!  I’ve experienced a couple power cuts in the past but really there’s nothing you can do about those. Once I mixed a song into the same song without realising, although I don’t think anyone cared too much haha.

So where did the name Skepsis come from? 

Everyone always asks me how I came up with the name, but in reality I have no idea! It’s stuck for years and to be quite honest I’m in too deep now to change it.

So what have you got coming up in the future with regards to releases and EP’s? 

I’ve got an EP forthcoming on Four 40 Records which has been in the works for months, and will be able to say more on that soon; in terms of gigs this summer, I’ll be at Boomtown, Bassline Festival, and a few more shows on top of that, so hopefully you can catch a set of mine near you soon. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for upcoming dates. I also have my biggest show to date to announce for December which is massively exciting.


Check out where you can catch Skepsis this summer:



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Twitter: @skepsismusic_uk

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