An Interview With: Tuff London

Anyone for some tech house?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the last 12 months UK duo Tuff London have exploded onto the house & techno scene with a string of chart topping releases that have seen support for their music right across the board from artists as diverse as techno luminary Carl Cox to BBC Radio One’s Danny Howard. This time the lads are on remix duties with their latest work, putting a personal twist to Son of 8’s ‘I Found You’.

Combining a wealth of musical knowledge and experience, Tuff London mastered a project with a view to create music with character and energy aimed solely at the dance-floor.

With a selection of releases on powerhouse labels such as Toolroom and Get Twisted and a Beatport Top 5 hit, Tuff London are an act that you’ll soon learn to love and one that you can expect to hear at almost every festival this summer.

One week after their latest release, we spoke to the lads to find out a little more about who they’d love to do a b2b set with and what film they wish they could make the soundtrack for.

Who were your early influences back in the day that helped curate your sound?

We are heavily influenced from 90s dance music so the obvious house & techno luminaries such as Todd Terry, Carl Cox and Danny Tenaglia to the more specialist artists such as The Sharp Boys, Trevor Rockcliffe and Tony De Vit.

Refixs, remixes and bootlegs are a big thing within producing. If you could remix any 90s track, regardless of genre, what would it be?

Hmmm, good one. There’s so many to choose from it’s hard to just pick one as it really was a golden era of dance music. We’ve actually just done an edit of the Trance classic “Age of Love” that’s been going down really well so we’ll go with that one.

If you could only do one for the rest of your life, DJ’ing or Producing, which would it be and why?

Each has it’s own allure to be honest. You get a buzz from creating an arrangement of sounds that has never, ever been heard before, but then you also get a buzz from playing your music in front of people and seeing them enjoy it. Not sure we can answer that one as we love both equally!

A lot of DJ’s have had famous blunders whilst playing, what’s been the worst thing that’s happened to you whilst DJ’ing?

Just the obvious stuff really: getting too drunk and turning the wrong decks off, spilling things on mixers, blowing speakers up and just about every other mistake or mishap you can make when you’re first starting out DJ’ing!

Sum up your personal sound in three words?

Music for dancefloors.

What’s one track that never gets old no matter how many times you play / hear it?

We actually featured it on our last Pioneer DJ Radio show; Laurent Garnier – Man With The Red Face. Just a timeless piece of music that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face whatever you’re doing.

You’ve been given the opportunity to create the soundtrack to a blockbuster film or a video game, which film/game would you pick?

We’re not really into video games to be honest so it would have to be a film. Rather than us totally create a film score, it would be cool to curate the soundtrack for something. There has been a couple of great super hero films (Deadpool / Guardians Of The Galaxy) with amazing soundtracks so doing something like that would be cool.

Your music has really taken shape over the last 6 months and you managed to produce a Top 5 record on Beatport, congratulations! What’s the next big achievement you’d like to see yourself achieve in 2017

We just want carry on doing what we do. No agenda other than making people have fun to music that we like. If our music can contribute to making someone have the best night out they’ve ever had, then we are doing our jobs.

What’s your favourite film surrounding music?

The obvious 90s one would be Human Traffic, however, we watched a really good one the other night called ‘Kill Your Friends’ which is a dark comedy about the music industry. They got the tone of the industry just right in places.

You can do a b2b with anyone. Who do you choose and which club do you play in?

Would have to be the king, Carl Cox, and it would have been in Space Ibiza.

Finally, what do you think the best thing is about working with a label like 8 House Records?

Their enthusiasm for what they are doing (plus the lads are sound!)

If you’re a fan of what you’ve heard, be sure to check out Tuff London’s social accounts below to keep up to date with all their tour dates and new material:

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