Attention All Wax Enthusiasts: HMV Vinyl Week


Following the news that vinyl sales are at their highest since the 1980’s, HMV have planned a week dedicated to the wax pressed gems. 

In recent months, the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s have brought a variety of vinyl records back into their stores up and down the country, highlighting the resurgence in popularity.


Yes, you may have to scour the likes of Discogs to find that obscure 1992 techno track that you love to unwind  to, but if your tastes are a little more mainstream, you could pick up a copy of ‘Nevermind‘ at your local Tesco’s.

Following this trend, the entertainment retail giant HMV, has dedicated an entire week to selling rare and exclusive presses of your favourite albums.


Fans of the format will have access to a range of exclusives and discounted lines from June 13-19, with the first batch including Manic Street Preachers’ Everything Must Go (1,000 copies on blue vinyl), In Rock by Deep Purple (1,000 copies on marbled vinyl), John Martyn’s Solid Air (500 copies on green vinyl) and The Sun Records Collection (1,000 copies on black vinyl).sweet_balance-1920x1080

More will be announced this tomorrow (Friday 10th June), with the full list of exclusives to be revealed next week.

Alongside this, the company are set to expand their turntable and speaker range, so you don’t have to put your £35 album on the equivalent of a 1902 gramophone. Finally.



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