Billion Releases New Single ‘One That I Want’

“A beautiful cacophony of synth mayhem.” That would be the single sentence used to summarise Billion’s newest release. Thankfully, we aren’t restricted to a single sentence, so we’ll go into a bit more depth on this tantalising track.

If you aren’t already accustomed to Billion, we’ll bring you up to speed. Known for his powerful basslines and infectious musicality, London-based Billon is often coined as one of house music’s freshest talents – and for good reason. With remixes under his belt for Route 94, Keisza, Katy B, Zac Samuel and many more, plus stunning releases on Rinse, Virgin and Ultra, Billon’s talents are laid bare for the world to see.

This London based DJ has also amassed an eye watering 6 million (yeah you read that right) plays on one of his tracks on Spotify with his remix of Slave To The Vibe. That really is a staggering amount of playtime worldwide for such a young producer.

His latest release, One That I Want, combines a mesmerising blend of synth goodness with a soulful vocal, perfect to open any summer festival set. Signed to the BMKLTSCH label, Billion’s latest release is sure to turn a few heads at Radio 1 and Rinse FM alike.

Speaking to Infectious PR, Billion said; ”

I wrote ‘One That I Want’ last year. When I was at uni in Brighton I worked at the record label Tru Thoughts – it’s a great indie label and has some really interesting artists. As I was working there I had access to a lot of things like stems and acapellas of their back catalogue… I dug out some by a group called Miles Benjiman. I’m a big fan of their album which is quite D’Angelo inspired…This one vocal really stood out to me and I loved the verse melody so I decided to sample it and built the track around it. I’m really happy with the result and that other DJs are feeling it and supporting it.”

Be sure to check out the track below.


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