Alongside winning DJ Mags ‘Best Duo’ 2017 award, the hottest act in house music have gone from strength to strength across the last 3 years, and 2018 is looking to be another monumental year for Solardo. 

After setting up their debut label, Sola, the boys have managed to put out nothing but audio gold across their brand.

Their latest release does not buck the trend.

London’s own Brett Gould is ticking all the right boxes in the world of house music. Since his beginnings with debut single Premonition, everything about Brett’s career so far has been centred around the development of his own unique sound. Now gracing Solardo’s imprint Sola with Drum Machine EP, the producer brings us an electrifying slice of percussive goodness.

While lead single Drum Machine equips the EP with a bass-heavy, rattling rhythm worthy of any dancefloor, The Ride on the flipside is a fitting rollercoaster of pulsing bass and snappy drums. With a familiar feel – yet far from the ordinary – the Drum Machine EP boxes up the classic tech house sound in a clean-cut, sharp package aimed for success.

Check out the track below:


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