El Dorado 2017 Festival Guide

We’re now only a mere five weeks away from the Cirque Du Soul gang , heading on down to Eastnor Castle, and transforming the acres of Herefordshire countryside into a giddy mix of fancy dress, diverse celebration and enough glitter to sink a ship.

Combined with a lineup which features the absolute pinnacle of British music culture, combined with a selection of the most exciting international acts imaginable, it’s no surprise that weekend tickets are soon becoming a rarity to get hold of. With five weeks still to go, final release tickets are now the only available option, so don’t say we didn’t warn you when they sell out beforehand.

Offering an all-embracing, grin inducing, behemoth of a line-up, if you are lucky enough to secure a ticket you can expect to see the likes of; Groove Armada, Holy Goof, Crazy Cousinz, Denis Sulta, Gentleman’s Dub Club and Jax Jones.

And that’s only on the Friday.

We’ll let you take a look at the full lineup here:

So, now you’ve seen the full line up, we’re guessing you probably want to know a bit more about the festival? Well, take a look at our guide to El Dorado Festival 2017.


What To Expect:

As previously mentioned, the team behind El Dorado Festival have a history of parties. Not just your average “let’s go for a couple of cans with the lads and listen to Rhianna all night in the local club and pay £1 for a Chuppa Chup in the toilet’s’ parties. We’re talking legendary affairs. The kind of parties that change your outlook on what clubbing culture stands for. What it has the potential to be up and down the country. Say no to paying £10 for two Jagerbombs, watching your best mate chat up your younger sister’s friend’s whilst Tom Zanetti plays over the speakers. Say yes to top hats, stilts, corsets, smiles and a selection of DJ’s which are willing to take you on a musical pilgrimage.

(Still don’t understand what we’re going on about? Just take a look at this video from their Christmas party in 2016)

Now scale that party up to the size of a festival and multiply it across three days. Now you’re beginning to get an inkling of the kind of hedonism on offer at El Dorado.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the three must see acts of the weekend, just in case you can’t decide on who to drag your friends to watch.

Top 3 To See:

Crazy Cousinz

UK funky is making a comeback this year. End of.

For those that don’t know what UK funky is, it’s basically a combination of afrobeat, tribal house, garage and 2 step set at around 130 bpm. It had mainstream success around 2007, but since then has been predominantly underground or specialist. That is until 2017.

Crazy Cousinz, Boiler Room 2016

With artist’s like Crazy Cousinz, Roska, Champion, Fish and Majora absolutely hammering the sound at every event possible, UK funky is set to make a very big comeback soon. So why not be there at the re-emergence again?

Having played at the likes of Fabric, Minstry Of Sound, Pacha, Building Six, Ibiza, Morocco and Dubai, Crazy Cousinz has had more than just a few hours behind the decks. Pioneering the UK funky sound back in 2008, he’s been showing audiences that it isn’t just grime and drum and bass that has the crowd begging for reloads.

(Oh, and a little artist called Drake sampled one of Crazy Couzinz remixes on One Dance, but you probably haven’t heard of it. It was only the biggest track of 2016)

Just take a look at his Boiler Room and try telling us that this doesn’t look incredible.

Catch him playing on the Cirque Du Soul stage on Friday.


Artwork would be as comfortable playing sub low, dark dubstep as he would be playing a two-hour 80’s disco set. The man is beyond versatile, which is why you can never exactly predict what one of his sets will turn out like. Only one thing is for certain, you’ll be dancing from start to finish.

From as far back as the late nineties, Artwork has been producing certified bangers, first as a spearhead of the UK garage movement and then as one of the pioneers of dubstep. He’s shied away from his previous heavier sound though and now brings a beautiful blend of disco, soul, house and techno to every club and field up and down the British countryside. 

You can catch Artwork playing on The Holy Bale stage on Sunday. Take a look at his latest Art’s House Boiler Room to see what you can expect.

(If you’re really like, you might even hear his infamous track ‘Let Go Of My Acid’ being played out). 

The Sugarhill Gang

It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to witness an act who paved the way for modern rap and hip hop. Before NWA, Snoop Dogg, Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy, Notorious Big, 2Pac, before East Coast / West Coast, even before Run D.M.C, there was The Sugarhill Gang.

Widely recognised as one of the earliest rap supergroups in the history of music, The Sugarhill Gang are sure to bring a full and fun show to The Garden Stage on Sunday.

We’re sure that you don’t need reminding of their hits, but just in case you do:


You can still grab the last few tickets before the madness kicks off in 5 weeks time. Be sure to grab them here.

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