Ettica’s Debut Release On Deja Vu Traxx Reaches For The Piano Keys

Following up from Kid Only’s release two weeks ago, Deja Vu Traxx have quickly followed up with a new artist debut on their label. London based producer and DJ, Ettica, has quickly shifted onto the scene and delivered a coercive, piano driven gem for his label debut. 

Pianissimo combines the well-rounded chords of the piano with a ‘hands in the air’ style melody that will have anyone wishing they were on the beach of Cafe Mambo watching the sunset.

Our personal favourite however is Groovalution, which teases a bouncing bassline with warped lyrical overtones. Definitely one to keep the dance floor alive.

If you haven’t already got to grips with Ettica, now would be the time. Ettica combines house, techno and his own flavour of tech house, with precision and ingenuity. He describes his work as: “it’s all about dirty bass line grooves, chunky beats, massive build ups and detonating drops, fusing hard grimy beats with tribal Brazilian drums and twisted techno vibes.”

If that isn’t enough energy for you, we don’t know what is.

Speaking about signing the new EP to Deja Vu Traxx, label boss Lee Jeffrey said:

“So, this EP came into our DemoBox after weeks of being sent tracks that just didn’t cut it. I could tell straight away that both tracks were winners – as soon as I heard the breakdown on ‘Pianissimo’ I knew how well this would work in my sets. I road-tested it at my residency at Deja Vu and I knew we had to sign it. The second track ‘Groovalution’ is a lot more upbeat and with a funky feel to it – it was nice to hear a nice a b-side that was different to the original, with that in mind both tracks were locked in.” 

Have a listen to the latest EP below and be sure to check out Ettica’s newest work:


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