Glastonbury just dropped a bombshell with the Silver Hayes lineup

Now.  You may be sitting there. Smiling smugly to yourself because you know in 55 days time you’re going to be perched on a camping chair in the middle of Worthy Farm, taking in that fresh Somerset air, surrounded by another 150,000 smiling smug human beings.

And nothing can take that away from you.  You may already be smiling at the current Glastonbury line up. Perhaps you’re a fan of Adele and can’t wait to sing your little lungs out whilst also crying emotionally next to a stranger that hasn’t showered for three days? Or perhaps Chris Martin and the rest of the gang are more your thing? Maybe, maybe not.

But if you were smiling at the line up before, you’re smile is about to rip across your face from ear to ear because the guys over at Worthy Farm have just made your day a whole lot better.

Behold. The Silver Hayes line up has just been announced.


Yes. Every inconceivable DJ, producer, MC combo that you can think of, is on that very list.

And just incase you didn’t know what the ‘Silver Haye’s area is, check out the section below to read a rundown, courtesy of the Glastonbury website. 

Silver Hayes is BACK for 2016! Once again the area will feature six stages: Sonic, Wow, Gully, The BluesPussy Parlure and The BBC Introducing.

The Sonic stage will feature the best of UK Grime, House and Techno, washed down with chart topping Pop. With something for everyone, check out our special Friday night Silver Hayes Crew and Green Peace Crew take-overs of the Heds Party.

The WOW stage is this year reborn as the ‘Loadstone’ of Silver Hayes. A cosmic island of rock and gemstones magnetising the crowds, providing the foundations for all that is exciting and energising in electronic underground music. New venue décor and the best underground DJ’s, a perfect combo for some amazing parties and performances.

The Gully will once again feature an array of music from the far reaches of the Globe including: Taiwan, Columbia, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, India, Jamaica, the EU and UK. Nicely glued together with some great DJ’s playing in-between the acts throughout the weekend.

The Blues will feature a collective of DJ’s and MC’s from all over the world. Hailing from Taiwan, Jamaica, India, Brazil and London with special input on the Thursday night from some of the best local Bristol House DJs.

This year, the Pussy Parlure line up has some of the cream of up and coming acts. With a new position in the field, this venue is for the more discerning audience member where you can sit, relax and have a drink.



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