In Review: Nicole Moudaber, Marcel Fengler and DJ Deep – Fabric

There’s something particularly special about Fabric isn’t there? Not many clubs can rightly hold the prestigious accolade of ‘superclub.’

Those mythical building’s which hold decades of history within their walls are the birthplace of legends. The kinds of places where friendships are set in stone within the misty haze of the smoking area and absolute strangers dance together and embrace (in comparison to two hours earlier, where they wouldn’t even look each other on the eye on the tube.)

fabric 24/06/2017 Nicole Moudaber, Marcel Fengler & DJ Deep
Photography by Anna Wallington-Mills //

Some DJ’s are moulded and crafted into messianic figures across residencies and sets behind the DJ booth. Other’s are invited to play once they reach the noble status of headliner across years of craft. Either way, Fabric knows how to pick ‘em and it does a marvellous job, week in, week out.

In the limelight this week, an artist who pushes the volume of sound-systems around the world almost as much as she pushes the volume in her infamous hair. A label boss, DJ and producer who has experienced every single step of nightlife culture, from local promoter to Glastonbury veteran.

fabric 24/06/2017 Nicole Moudaber, Marcel Fengler
Photography by Anna Wallington-Mills //

Curating a sound which has quite literally taken over the world, Nicole Moudaber is a force to be reckoned with. The intoxicating producer has amassed an eye-watering listenership on her weekly radio show, InTheMOOD, which is syndicated on 66 FM stations in 45 countries, commanding over 15 million listeners . When Carl Cox told DJ Mag that Nicole was “the most underrated DJ ever” 8 years ago, he wasn’t bluffing.

Since then, Nicole has gone on to cement the fact that Carl Cox was correct with his praise.

And nothing cemented this fact more, than her headline show at Fabric, on June 24th.

fabric 24/06/2017 Nicole Moudaber, Marcel Fengler
Photography by Anna Wallington-Mills //

Obviously someone with such an accolade of success is not going to leave any stone unturned on the night, and Nicole guaranteed 8 hours of pure bliss in Room 1 by bringing along a few special guests. Joining her behind the booth, Marcel Fengler and DJ Deep, delivered an intoxicating blend of tribal techno and enticing deep grooves which kept the crowd teetering with excitement. DJ Deep’s infamous vinyl selection was blissfully paired with Fabric’s renowned sound-system and combined to bring together the sound of Deeply Rooted, his own label’s sound.

Our personal triumph of the night was when Nicole brought forth the unrelenting energy and unapologetic behemoth, Silent Sigh. The crowd was electrified throughout the build up and were stirred up into a frenzy before the deafening kick drum came through. The high ceilings of the main room reverberated with the energy of people dancing. The only phone in sight was used to Shazam the extraordinary track list that the three DJ’s had prepared to deliver to eagerly awaiting dance fans. This event was definitely one for the heads that know, and signified everything that Fabric stands for. Positivity, euphoria and energy.

Check out Nicole talking about her last visit to London at MoodRAW.

Nicole Moudabar began her DJ’ing career in London at Turnmills in Clarkenwell, so it’s only right that she brought the party back home to Farringdon. With a wide selection of opportunities to see her play at the likes of EXIT Festival, Tomorrowland and The BPM Festival, you’d be out of your mind to even suggest missing her play.

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