Mikey B’s Debut Album ‘Evolution’ Set For Release Next Month

Mikey B is an artist we’ve supported since the website went live. He’s an artist which brings together every individual element of bass music, and crafts a sound rippling with energy and excitement. A producer who can read a crowd, develop an atmosphere and make a statement. 

Which is why his debut album is certainly something to shout about.

Producing music for over 10 years, Mikey is about to release his debut album ‘Evolution’ next month, and after listening to the preview, you’re going to want to put this one on your radar.

The co-owner of Second To None Music has really pulled out all of the stops with this brand new piece of work and from start to finish, has poured his heart and soul into a production which symbolises everything he stands for.

We caught up with Mikey ahead of the album launch to find out why 2017 was the right time for his debut album.

What makes now the perfect time to release your album?

I started producing music nearly 10 years ago and now really felt the right time to put a full body of work together to show how my music has evolved over that time period. I’ve experimented with lots of styles and sounds over the years and with these becoming more widely accepted, I wanted to showcase what I can do by releasing an album.

How long ago was it that you started working on the first album track?

It was December 2016 and I was trying to look at how I could really step my game up in the New Year, people told me it was too soon for me to be releasing an album but that really made me wanna prove that I could pull it off and do Second To None Music proud!

Is there anything you were trying to get across with this production?

This album is a statement – there’s a lot of people releasing singles and EPs rather than bringing out a full body of work to represent their sound. Hopefully this album gains respect from fellow DJs and producers and will inspire them to push themselves further.

Are there any acts / influences that inspired you to create this?

TQD really inspired me with their debut album ‘UKG’. Also the whole scene’s production level is at an all time high, it’s mad! What has also influenced me is seeing DJs I admire playing my tunes at festivals to thousands of ravers was a massive eye-opener, it made me want to focus on a bigger project that I could be proud of.

Which track really pushed you outside your comfort zone?

‘Love Me For Who I Am’ featuring Dakota Sixx is one of my personal favourites from the album – For a start it’s at a slower BPM than the rest of the album; it’s more of a house/breakbeat tune with a real commercial vibe. I’ve been working with Amber for quite a while and thought she’d be the right person to push me outside my comfort zone. We also shot a video for this tune (which you’ll be seeing soon!) and that put me in the director’s chair, which was a real learning curve – doing that has given me vision for future projects I’ll be working on.

If you had to pick one track to sum up the entire release, which one would it be?

It would have to be ‘Close Your Eyes’ – with this tune I wanted to incorporate some of my older sounds but showcase how my style has developed over the years. It contains elements that you might not hear as much in the scene these days but also has a new feel to it as well. I think this tune represents the diversity within my music production.

Why’s it called Evolution?

As clichéd as it sounds, I named it this because I feel my sound has evolved since I first started producing nearly 10 years ago. I wanted to give people an idea of what to expect from the album in its title – does what it says on the tin kinda thing!

What’s been the biggest difficulty in creating the finished product?

Trying to include a variation of sounds and making sure each tune had its own individual representation of me as a producer. Being happy with 17 tunes isn’t easy as a producer as I’m sure many will agree. Pressing the final bounce button and being happy with each individual project file was difficult!

Are you doing anything special for the release date?

I’ve got a full official video dropping on release day – 3rd November – for ‘Love Me For Who I Am’ featuring Dakota Sixx, which I’m hyped for people to see. I’m also playing live on DJ Mag on 2nd November down in London with a whole host of talent including 24hr Garage Girls, Foor, Bassboy and Shaun Dean. I’ll be showcasing tunes from the album here – look out for that it will be streaming live!

If you could have any artist rate this album, who would you choose and why?

I’d really love an artist that isn’t associated with this kind of music to come out of the blue and say they rate it! It’s always humbling when someone who isn’t familiar with your sound becomes a fan and it surprises you, as they aren’t associated with that scene.

If you want to preview or pre-order Mikey’s debut album, you can check it out here.

Facebook: Mikey B

Soundcloud: Mikey B

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