Night Time Industries Association Start #SaveNightLife Campaign


You know the drill. It hits Friday or Saturday night and that rave you bought tickets for a month ago is upon you. The line up has tantalised your musical taste buds, you’re itching to get your dancing shoes on and party the night away into the early hours of Sunday morning. You’re accompanied by your closest group of mates. Pre drinks had been a hazy, drink fuelled explosion of “can I put this track on mate?” and “shotgun not booking taxi’s.”


It hits 11PM and you all head into taxis where you spend 20 minutes chatting absolute shit to the driver. “Been busy tonight fella?” and “What time you on until mate?” are your classics. Deep down you know they’ve heard this a million times before, but you don’t care. You’re picturing shuffling forward to the front left of the stage to fully absorb the next 5 hours of unadulterated two stepping, skanking, vibing and gun fingering aplenty.

Sound familiar?

Well if the past three months are anything to go by, it could well be a fond memory of the past.


Britain’s nightlife is facing a crisis.

Not due to the ticket prices, or the variety of events, or DJ’s or promoters or testosterone fuelled bouncers. It’s down to a select few who want to rain on our parade.

Our lovely little nightlife parade.

Whether your local is Patterns in Brighton or Sub Club in Glasgow, we all need to speak up and act now. We don’t need to remind anyone about the absolute heartbreak of Fabric closing down, that’s still painful enough. But what we do need to do, is share the work of the NTIA.

The Night Time Industries Association.

Together with the help of Artwork, Andy C, Huxley, Culture Shock and Kate Simko, the NTIA are campaigning to stop the future closure of much loved UK venues. With your help, whether it be a like, a share, a donation or some of your time, we can work together to stop this from continuing up and down the country.


Check out the video below:

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