Premiere: Son of 8 – Tech Vibes Part 2 EP

House duo Son of 8 return with ‘Tech Vibes Part 2’ on their newly formed label, 8 House Records. The 2 track EP, consisting of “Your Love Pt.2” and “Good Times Pt.2”, boasts thumping kicks, nicely chopped vocals and sliding basslines that can get any tech house head on their feet.

The pair, known for their more upbeat, feel-good house tracks, reintroduce their palette of sounds used in their previous tech house release “Tech Vibes (pt.1)”. We are welcomed by the ever familiar warm punchiness of the Roland TR-909 and piano stabs that have been moving our feet for decades, as well as a nostalgic vocal sample of Chic’s classic anthem: “Good Times” (hence the second track’s title…).

The production quality of the EP is up to a great standard, including interesting components across the frequency spectrum, a nice use of space and funky percussion, bringing out the true nature of what we love to hear in a dance environment. However, one can’t help but notice the similarity of the two tracks, and the lack of really providing a ‘Part 2’ of its prior release.

The Chic sample feels a little disjointed in ‘Good Times’ by not being quite in tune with the rest of the track as opposed with it’s sister in Tech Vibes 1, which is a shame considering how well it fitted in the release mentioned.

The gliding basslines in both tracks appear to be fairly similar too, but there’s no doubting their impact on a big system with the right crowd. Criticism aside, this release is useful for any DJ looking to boom out some grooving four-on-the-floor in the midst of their set to a crowd willing to get down, and a sure fist bumper for any dancer involved.


We’re exceptionally impressed by this follow up EP from Son of 8 and with their newly established label, we expect to see some ground breaking future releases being signed in the near future. Great work lads!

Written by Sam Willings

Twitter: @samwillings_

Instagram: @samwillings

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