Studio 338 is set to reopen its doors in June 2017

After being destroyed by a fire in August 2016, London club, Studio 338, is set to reopen its doors again just in time for summer.

The grand opening party is booked in for June 3rd and will take place at the club in Greenwich.

More than 100 firefighters tackled the blaze last year, which spread to a nearby industrial warehouse and a scrap paper processing yard containing a number of outbuildings.

An employee of Studio 338, Tomas Ceidukas, died after suffering severe burns in the fire. In a statement, the club said: “Tomas fought for as long as he could, given the extent of his injuries. He was as strong as an ox but it was too much even for him.”

Credit: Studio 338

The official club Facebook page released posted this today.

“It’s been a hard road back but we are delighted at last to let you know that we will dance again together this Summer!

We will announce on Friday a series of limited edition, limited capacity open-air daytime parties in our new Garden setting for 2017 (car park area).

Tickets will be available Friday at 12pm for the opening event!





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