Top 10 RAM Records Releases

Nobody quite does it like RAM Records. Established back in 1992, RAM Records is everything that a label should be and infinitely more. Bringing together the absolute pinnacle of drum and bass music alongside some of the finest artists to ever grace the airwaves, RAM Records has established a sound that is known the world over.

Celebrating 25 years in 2017, RAM Records has come a long way since the early days of hardcore, jungle and D&B way back in Hornchurch in the early 90s. Established by none other than Andy C & Ant Miles, the label has gone from strength to strength across the last two decades and is able to sign the absolute crème de la crème when it comes to drum and bass. Whether it’s the hypnotic chords of Calyx & TeeBee or the thunderous basslines of Audio,  the RAM family have the broad spectrum of drum and bass covered.

With such a long history in the game, it’s obvious that the label has released more than the odd anthem. From early 90s hardcore through to throbbing neurofunk and everything in-between, we’ve counted down our top 10 releases. Have you say in our poll at the end and let us know if you agree with the list.

10. Shimon & Andy C – Night Flight

Kicking off our list, we have this absolute gem from 1996. Teaming up with head honcho of AudioPorn records and creating two thirds of RAM Trilogy, Shimon & Andy C deliver percussion bliss.

9. Audio – Ambush

One of the more bass heavy signings to RAM, Audio is no stranger to testing the absolute limits of club sound systems. The absolute face-melter, Ambush, comes in at number 9.

8. Mind Vortex – Future Fold

An opener to many historic sets over the years, Future Fold captures the essence of Mind Vortex and sky rockets their sound into the rave.

7. Noisia – Deception

Dutch music trio, Noisia, have stamped their sound into the drum and bass soundscape over the last 14 years and show absolutely no signs of slowing down. Deception was released back in 2010 and made an appearance on Andy C’s Nightlife 5.

6. Culture Shock – Troglodyte

Signing to RAM Records in 2006, Culture Shock is no stranger to remix duties, VIP’s and rollers. He released the infamous Troglodyte back in 2012.

5. DC Break – Gambino

This one decimates any rave. Consisting of Dan Havers and Chris Page, DC Breaks are an unstoppable duo who can effortlessly float through face melting basslines to twinkly percussions in the blink of an eye. Gambino sways more towards the face melting spectrum however.

4. Chase & Status – Take Me Away

We dare you to pick a more ‘lighters in the air moment’ than this. An absolute percy.

3. RAM Trilogy – Milky Way

RAM Trilogy is like taking Charmeleon and evolving it into Charizard. You’ve already got something that is undeniably great and talented (Origin Unknown), but you just want to take it that one step further and go down in history (RAM Trilogy). We could have put countless tracks from the Ram trio here, but Milky Way really hits the spot.

2. Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows

No matter how many times we hear it, we’ll always get goosebumps when “31 seconds” comes in over the speakers.

  1. Moving Fusion – Turbulence

Sampling the Streetfighter II film, Moving Fusion created the absolute definition of a ‘roller’ with Turbulence. Indisputably the best record RAM Records has ever released, Turbulence will forever sit within the drum and bass hall of fame. Released in 1997, it perfectly combines a rolling bassline with a universal blend of hardcore, jungle and drum and bass elements to create an absolute anthem.


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