Top 15 Playaz Recordings Releases

If you have ever stepped foot in a drum and bass event in your life, chances are you’ve heard this.

Actually, chances are you’ve probably heard it before even if you haven’t been to one. Whether you love it or loathe it, you can’t argue that Mr Happy changed the 174 BPM genre back when it was released in 2007. The man behind it, DJ Hazard, has regularly said that he has mixed feelings towards it since its initial release 9 years ago. Known for his warping basslines and face melting samples from retro films and TV shows, Hazard is part of a collective known for being one of the longest running D&B labels in the world, Playaz Recordings.

Started back in 1996 under its original name True Playaz, DJ Hype, Pascal and DJ Zinc created a label that released the timeless classics ‘Super Sharp Shooter‘, ‘138 Trek‘ and ‘Peace, Love and Unity‘.

Skip ahead to 2006 and DJ Hype and Pascal rebranded the label and created a brand and sound that is universally recognisable on every sound system around the world. Real Playaz signed the likes of DJ Hazard, Taxman, Sub Zero and Original Sin and curated a universal drum and bass movement that would test the limits of venues up and down the country and cause unstoppable carnage on the dance floor.


DJ Hype – Chelone Wolf

Apart from holding one the longest running label residencies at Fabric, Playaz Recordings know a thing or two about producing monumental tracks that cement themselves into the D&B hall of fame.

We’re counting down our top 15 favourite tracks released on True Playaz, Real Playaz, Ganja Recordings and Playaz Recordings.

15. Overfiend – Original Sin

14. Psychadelic – DJ Hazard

13. Tayza Firefist

12. Echo Box – Brockie & Ed Solo

11. Ska (Remix) – Dj Zinc

10. Time Tripping – DJ Hazard

9. Too Bad – Taxman

8. Robocop (Taxman Remix) – Friction & Nu Balance

7. Straight In – Sub Zero

6. Therapy – Original Sin

5. Super Sharp Shooter – The Ganja Kru

4. W9 – Dirty Harry

3. Mr Happy – DJ Hazard & D Minds

2. Don’t Be Silly – Original Sin

1. Killers Don’t Die – DJ Hazard

It’s safe to say that there are a few tracks in that list that receive automatic reloads on the regular. Through all the warping basslines and percussion-soaked build ups, Playaz has continually helped push a drum and bass sound that has stood the test of time over its 20 year history.

We will be holding our breath with anticipation to see what new gems they deliver in 2017.

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