Track Of The Day: Artificial Intelligence – Reprisal

From song writing to sound creation to post production, Artificial Intelligence ‘Reprisal’ is an absolute masterclass in what is expected of drum and bass artists in 2017.

From start to finish, their use of surreal soundscapes, lush pads and silky smooth basslines takes you on the illusive ‘journey’ that is the aspiring bedroom producers wet dream. I found it a genuine struggle to think about this track subjectively on my first play through as I was overwhelmed by the need to simply just enjoy the full four minutes and twenty-two seconds.

So, down to business. The alluring intro transports you to a weightless and tempo-less place. This only aids the impact and presence of the simultaneous explosion that is the main elements of the track entering your dream-like state. The rolling bassline and fluid hats generate an uncontrollable movement, which is pinned down by a gnarly kick and snare combination. This juxtaposition adds a detailed texture to this tracks flavour.

The use of pumping side-chain compression is somewhat overdone in dance music today, however I feel ‘AI’ have utilised it well, adding just enough subtle movement to all elements and keeping the airy backdrop in check.

Before you’ve even come up for air you’re launched into a blissful space around two minuets in. Pumping and filtered synths fill your head, this mellow break down really shows off the amount of shifting dynamics in this tune. This scratchy, melodic and deep moment in the track is short-lived but just long enough for you to take in what you’ve heard.

A shot glimpse of the simplistic yet powerful main melody and we’re back in, ducking and rolling like it’s round one all over again. There is little change in the second half but by no means is this an issue (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.) The outro is incredibly modest yet very well-fitting to this hopeful and inspiring track.

Having had releases on Shogun Audio, V Recordings and Integral Records , these boys are certainly not newcomers. With twelve years under their belt they don’t show any signs of slowing down on this Metalheadz release. Yep, love him or hate him, Goldie still knows how to pick em’.

Not much to say in conclusion really, just that it’d be hard to find a moment in a set that this track wouldn’t go down well. If you know someone who dislikes drum and bass, this would definitely be my choice to bring them into the light.

Written by Elliott Buckle

Twitter: @elliottsdead

Instagram: @kimroman_music 

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