Tuff London have released their latest single ‘No Shame’

Tuff London’s latest release ‘No Shame’ released on Spinnin’ Deep comes in strong straight from the first second.

It doesn’t hold back throwing you a heavy bassline, reminiscent of that classic late 80’s / early 90’s house vibe that we all know and love. ‘No Shame’ could slot effortlessly into a variety of different venues, from a sweaty basement in Manchester through to an Ibiza super-club and will have your hands ready to hit the roof.

The lads are clearly aiming to take over the summer with their music; last year’s ‘Sending Love’ was another summer banger, although No Shame has a darker feel to it. Perhaps the guys are edging towards a harder sound? The track instantly reminds me of Sonny Fedoras remix of Gotsome’s ‘Just a Feeling’. They both have the necessary ingredients to make a great summer anthem, whilst also giving homage to the routes of the genre with similar sounding elements to that of Todd Terry.

Released on Spinnin’ Deep, the London duo have opted to go for a slightly more mainstream release label this time around, which should be beneficial for the popularity of the track. Tuff London have created what might be one of the most exciting club bangers for this summer and personally, I can’t wait to put pump this through the home system and have a cold beer to hand. As this duo from London progress with a fresh take on house music, it’s exciting to see what else they have planned for the rest of 2017. 

Written by: Leon Halfyard

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