Wobble&BlackArt Release Their Latest Track on Culture Records

London based duo, Wobble&BlackArt, are not a musical outlet that can be justifiably pigeon-holed. Their production style spans a wide array of genres, dipping in and out of techno, house, jungle and rave music to create a sound which unifies their eclectic tastes.

This nod in the general direction of each musical scene has led to their latest release being signed to the quickly rising label, Culture Records, which is based in the bustling musical hub of Leeds.

Now the guys over at CR have been quick to snap up hot young stars in the past, securing releases from Ben Read, GODDARD, Ollie James & Klein, which have gone forth to inject a drop of energy and fun into dancefloors up and down the country. So, this latest signing is sure to follow trend.

Wobble&BlackArt’s latest release, Jungle Techno, combines a dark, moody sub bass, with a sprinkling of acid house synthesiser to deliver that feel good party infusion. The duo sample the legendary MC Mad P for the vocal stab, which brings in another nod to the rave / hardcore era, signing off their combination of multi genre attributes, delivered in one succinct track.

Speaking to Andrew Goddard, the cofounder of Culture Records, he recalled the first time he heard the track; “I met these two lads years ago at Sub Bass Academy in Farringdon when we were all first starting out music production. Back then I was a D&B head and they were into their house and techno. Years later as my sound also began to evolve into the same scene we got back into contact shortly after I launched Culture Records and they asked me if they could send over a demo. Immediately I said of course! After listening to Jungle Techno I couldn’t believe that nobody had singed the track?! So I immediately signed it and then they did me the honour of asking to do them remix which of course I said yes to!”

Be sure to check out Culture Records previous releases and Wobble&BlackArt’s newest material on their accounts below:

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Culture Records Facebook

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